Why It’s Okay To Wrestle With The Bible

If you are a student of the bible and you never grapple with it, never question it, never doubt it, you are not a very good student.

If you were, you would know that it’s full of errors and contradictions.

You would know that many of the books and letters were written anonymously and that some are complete forgeries.

You would know that the people of Jesus’ day, including Jesus himself spoke Aramaic, but the bible was written in Greek and translated from Greek to whatever language you read it in. Things always get lost in translation.

You would know that the first Gospel was not written until approximately 30 to 40 years after the death of Jesus (the others even later). Meaning that the stories about him were passed on via oral tradition for an entire generation before anyone wrote them down.

You would know that most Jews, including Jesus, his followers, and those we believe wrote the books and letters of the New Testament (with the exception of Paul, since he was a scholar) were not likely able to speak or write in Greek, the language they were written in.

There are plenty of reasons to wrestle with the bible. Don’t be ashamed if you’ve been wrestling with it. And don’t be afraid to continue wrestling with it. If you are not wrestling with it you are not learning the truth.

Having said all this, regardless of what you believe about the historical origins or accuracy of the bible, it is undeniable that this book is filled with truth and wisdom. Jesus’ teachings about love are the real deal. The New Testament draws a compelling image of God’s heart for humanity. And many of the lessons and analogies about faith are great words to live by.