I’ve Won The Lottery

I am the beneficiary of the gifts of those who came before me.

The electricity that I use for light, cooking, and entertainment was made possible by the genius, hard work, and sacrifice of many who lived before I was even born.

As well as many other things:

The hospital I was born in. The training of the doctors and nurses. The vaccines which kept me from contracting deadly diseases.

The oil and gas that heated our home in the winter. And the home itself, which was the result of the skill of carpenters, electricians, and plumbers.

The education I received so I could read, write, reason, add, subtract, multiply and divide, etc.

And how about the comfortable shoes I wear. Or the tooth-brush and tooth paste I use to keep my teeth from rotting? What about the trucks, air planes, ships and trains that transport all of these things, as well as the food I eat?

Speaking of food, who was it that learned agricultural practices and passed on those lessons to future generations of farmers, who themselves helped advance the production of food and keep all of the other productive people fed?

Why does clean, drinkable water run from a tap in my house, am I responsible for that?

I am one of the richest people in history. Even kings and queens of the past did not have most of the luxuries I have today. And compared to the collective thought, energy, and sacrifice of those who came before me and the collective body of people who provide such resources today, I have contributed almost nothing.

I have won the lottery.