How To Get To Where You Want To Be

Remember to do what brings you peace. Don’t chase after the world’s nut. In the world people chase after the same nut and divide it up amongst themselves, thinking they are rich. But most people are poor in spirit, because they are too busy chasing after the world’s nut. Don’t be a slave to your ego, be a slave to contentment.

In other words, don’t sacrifice inner peace in pursuit of money, power, reputation, etc. You don’t have to be like everyone else or do what everyone else is doing. Follow your path, do your thing, and you’ll get to where you want to be.

Sometimes getting to where you want to be is not an ascent. Sometimes it’s a descent — a path toward greater humility. Getting to where you want to be is not always about acquiring or accumulating things, sometimes it’s about letting things go, learning to be more content, being a more compassionate person, etc.

Don’t chase after what other people want, no matter how good they make it sound. Do what is important to you, even if others don’t understand it. No matter what it is you won’t be alone, you will eventually find others who are like you and who will support you.