Peace Is Right Now

You don’t have time to be stressed about things you can’t control. You don’t have time to stress about things that have never happened or that are not likely to happen. You only have time for what’s actually happening right now. Focus on what is real and necessary in your current situation. Clear your mind of what hasn’t happened.

If we spend our time worrying about what hasn’t happened, when or if it does actually happen we’ll have lived it multiple times. Better to live it once when it actually happens than to live it over and over again in your mind. Whatever you are worried about probably won’t happen anyway. As for the troubles that will happen you’ll likely find that your peace today will prepare you for them.

Our fears exaggerate themselves in our mind, but in reality they are powerless without our permission. Emotions are a powerful signal, they tell us a lot about ourselves, but we shouldn’t let them distort our thinking to such an extent that they bend our sense of reality and create problems that don’t exist or exaggerate the ones that do.

Many of our concerns are manufactured in our mind and when one list of concerns is eliminated another is born. It’s as though we are not willing to permit ourselves to be too content. It’s as though there always has to be something to worry about or something to work on before we can finally be at peace.

We tend to keep pushing contentment in front of us like something that we’ll get to in the future. But contentment is not later, it’s right now. Peace will not come until we are willing to open ourselves up to it, right here, right now.