10 Books That Changed My Perspective And That Could Change Yours In 2016

Grace Walk: What You’ve Always Wanted In The Christian Life, by Steve McVey: Ideal for Christians who grew up in a legalistic environment. It will help set you free from those religious chains and show you a different way to think about Christianity. Another good one in this category is The Misunderstood God, by Darin Hufford.

Confessions Of A Bible Thumper: My Homebrewed Quest For A Reasoned Faith, by Michael Camp: If you want to take it another step further in confronting your religious beliefs, particularly if you are a Christian, you will find plenty to chew on in this book. Be prepared to have many of your dogmas challenged.

Rich Dad’s Conspiracy Of The Rich: The 8 New Rules Of Money, by Robert Kiyosaki: Rich Dad, Poor Dad was also an eye-opener, but Conspiracy of The Rich really blew the doors open for me and gave me a glimpse of how the global financial system really works and what you can do to prosper in it.

No More Dreaded Mondays, by Dan Miller: This is the book that lead me to start a blog. It’s very inspirational and was the type of book I was thirsting for at that time. It will motivate and inspire you to pursue a job and/or lifestyle you are most suited for.

Biocentrism: How Life And Consciousness Are The Keys To The True Nature Of The Universe, by Robert Lanza: This book basically presents a “theory of everything”. It will turn your understanding of the natural sciences on its head. This is a complete paradigm shift on how to think about reality.

The Five Love Languages: How To Express Heartfelt Commitment To Your Mate, by Gary Chapman : This book will help you better understand the needs of others, particularly a spouse, and learn what ways you can better communicate your love for him or her.

The Rational Optimist: How Prosperity Evolves, by Matt Ridley: The author did a great job making the case that the world is a much better place to live in now than ever before (for most people). The world is not necessarily going to hell in a hand-basket after all, it just might be getting better, even a whole lot better. A good follow-up to this is Steven Pinker’s The Better Angels Of Our Nature, which deals with the decline of violence. For those who are eschatological and believe in doomsday I also recommend Last Days Madness, by Gary Demar.

The Revolution: A Manifesto, by Ron Paul: This book changed my view of the role of government, or at least what it ought to be. Anyone in public service would be wise to balance their views of the role of government with some of the ideas presented by this former presidential candidate.

Overblown: How Politicians And The Terrorism Industry Inflate National Security Threats, And Why We Believe Them, by John Mueller: With so much media attention given to the problem of terrorism, it’s easy to get caught-up in the fear and become terrorized as a result. This book gives proper perspective to the issue of terrorism and you will certainly feel less terrorized after reading it. 

Fear Of Life: The Wisdom of Failure, by Alexander Lowen: This book written by a psychotherapist will help bring insight into the inner complexities of man and how we struggle with who we really are vs who we think we ought to be. The message here is that the answer to most of our inner struggles is to learn to let go. It’s the not letting go which perpetuates the problem. Or in the words of Lao Tzu “stop thinking, and end your problems”.