Who Are You When You Are Alone?

It’s easy to forget who you really are and what’s truly important to you if you are spending all your time with other people. We are not only influenced by the opinions and actions of others, we also to some extent pretend to be something we are not, either to fit in or to dominate. Alone time is a way to clean the slate, to wash ourselves from the contamination of the world and to look behind our own mask and see what’s really there.

When you temporarily remove yourself from society your ego begins to fade. The ego is all about what other people think of you. Who are you when there’s nobody to impress — when you are all alone and what others think of you is irrelevant because they are not there? Who are you when you are not fantasizing — not creating imaginary scenarios and conversations in your mind? When it’s just you and the birds and the wind? This is the real you, unshackled from the opinions of others or the need to dominate others for your own security.

When there’s someone else to blame, you are likely to blame them. When there’s someone else to take advantage of, you are likely to take advantage of them. When there’s no one else there, it’s just you and reality, you and nature, and so you can be honest and take responsibility for yourself.