How To Live The Life You Want

A sure way to waste you life away is to live a lifestyle that requires you to enter a profession you hate. We get into professions we hate in order to buy things we don’t need, so we can impress people who don’t really give a crap about us. We also take jobs we hate because of the social status that comes with the job.

We sometimes avoid jobs we really want because they are not popular or difficult to enter. So we enter a field we don’t really care about, because it seems economically and socially safer. 

Keep your expenses low. Stay out of debt. Don’t buy anything to impress people. Pursue the things that interest you, even if others don’t understand it and even if you can only do it in your spare time. 

If you don’t do these things, you will likely end up trapped in a lifestyle you hate. There’s no guarantee that if you do these things you will have the lifestyle you want, but it will greatly increase your chances. Even if you get only a portion of the lifestyle you want, it’s better than getting none of it. 

Find your thing and stick with it. A lot of things are going to get in your way and give you reasons to do what seems easier or safer. Especially if you are going to do something unconventional, there will be all sorts of things standing in your way and you’ll want to give up. 

There is nothing wrong with reevaluating the path you have chosen, but only give up if you know for sure that you were wrong about it. Even if you were wrong about the destination, that doesn’t necessarily mean the journey was a waste of time. It may act as a stepping stone to something else. 

The way we image things will workout and the way they will actually workout are two different things. Nonetheless we need to keep moving in the direction we think is best. Every day we have a decision to make: we can either do something to move in the direction we truly want or we can choose to move away from it.