Negative Thinking Is Inevitable, But We Don’t Have To Live In Negative Land

Everyone is going through a battle. Often on multiple fronts — the many battles we fight within, the battles we fight with other people, and the battles we fight against nature, including illnesses. Struggle is a major characteristic of life. All life forms are in a struggle to survive, but we as humans don’t only struggle to survive, we also struggle to be well. To be “happy”. 

We can have everything we need, but still be unhappy. We can have everything we need, but still be a threat to ourselves. What other life forms kill themselves because of unhappiness? We have the ability to sabotage our own well-being through the thoughts we think. Even if what we think isn’t true, it becomes true to us. What we believe, is very powerful. So powerful that we can convince ourselves that there is no other choice but to be miserable. 

We cannot escape negative thinking entirely. Even if you live alone in a cave you still have to live with yourself and the impressions others have left on you. Wherever we go, we take our experiences with us. But we can choose what we focus on. If we are always focused on the negative, that’s what we will see. If we are always looking for the negative, that’s what we will find. 

It’s best to be mostly ignorant of negativity, but not entirely. Without some attention to negativity we will be more prone to downside risks and we will be blind to the suffering of others. The biggest thing, is don’t live in negative land, just be an occasional visitor.