The Problem With Being A True Believer

In fundamentalist religion, the other believers will have your back as long as you continue to believe what they believe. But once you stop believing what they believe, they will no longer have your back. You will become an outcast. No longer one of the chosen few.

It doesn’t even matter if your behavior has changed. Because it’s not about whether or not you are a person of peace and love. It’s about what you believe philosophically, abstractly and historically. It’s a made up world based on partial-truths, metaphors, and falsehoods. As long as you remain ignorant, you can remain part of the family, but once you start to use the brain God gave you, you become an enemy to their ignorance.

All religions require true believers. Whether it’s Christianity, Islam, Communism, Capitalism, Veganism, CrossFit, or even Atheism. Any philosophy with passionate people who think their system is the one true system. Religion does not have to include belief in a deity. It just has to include belief in the one true way and shun all others as enemies of the truth. The belief, itself, is the god. It’s a belief in the superiority of one’s own beliefs. And one’s own self-worth becomes attached to those beliefs. That’s why true believers argue so passionately. Not because they are defenders of the truth, but because they are defending their own self-worth.

There’s really no such thing as a true believer. Only people in search of the truth. We are all searching for the truth. The difference with the religious mind is that it searches within a smaller bubble.