How To Ensure You Are Learning The Right Thing

How do we know if we’re learning the right thing? The most important thing is to be critical. Weigh the evidence. Don’t be too quick to take one side of an issue. Be willing to look at things from different angles.

Objectivity might be a better term to describe this way of thinking than open-mindedness. Open-mindedness can be confused with an “anything goes” attitude. An objective person is open-minded for the sake of discovering the truth. An objective person is careful to weigh the evidence and is skeptical even of his or her own biases.

No individual knows as much as all humanity. Collectively, humanity knows a lot. But what humanity knows is still only a fraction of what there is to be known. Too often we act as if this isn’t true. We think we know far more than we actually do. A wise person knows that they don’t know. If you’re not sure, admit to yourself you are not sure.

And the most important thing we can learn is to let go. Then, true learning can begin.