Learn From Others, But Be You

We usually don’t realize that we mimic one another. Even non-conformists, who deliberately stray from the norms of society, seeking to be unique, actually mimic one another (think of skaters, bikers, and the like).

We don’t realize that many of our desires are desires we’ve adopted from one another. We want what others want, and we want to be more like others, because we want to feel like we belong. We want to feel accepted, and connected, and worthy of respect.

When we do foolish things it often has something to do with our concern for what other people think of us. Many of our troubles are created out of a desire to be liked by our peers. Especially when we are younger.

But most of the time we are better off doing the opposite of what other people are doing or suggest. Especially if they haven’t done what you are trying to do.

Follow the example of those you admire. Follow the example of those who have been where you want to be. Experiment with what worked for them. But be you. Explore your strengths.