Listen To Your Body

Fitness legend Jack Lalanne once said there’s no such thing as too much exercise. In his case, that seemed to be true. When he turned 70 years old, he swam 1-mile pulling 70 people aboard 70 boats, while handcuffed and shackled.

But just because something doesn’t hurt you doesn’t mean it won’t hurt someone else. We know that over-training does exist. Many people (including me) have experienced negative health effects from it.

You can make your body do things it doesn’t want to do, but there’s a price to pay for going too far. Your body knows what it needs more than your ego does. We need to listen to our body.

Your body does things on its own that you’re not even aware of. It does more for your physical well-being than you are consciously capable of doing. Think of it as a highly efficient system that basically runs on its own, and your job is just to keep an eye on it to make sure things are running smoothly. If it needs to eat, it will tell you. If it needs to sleep, it will tell you. If you’re pushing yourself too hard, it will tell you. Don’t override the system too often.