When And When Not To Go Against The Norm

I’m a big advocate of going against the norm. But only when it makes sense to do so. When it’s clear the consensus is wrong, you shouldn’t follow it.

The consensus doesn’t matter. Only what led to the consensus matters. The consensus is determined by facts, ignorance of facts, personal experiences, personal biases, etc. The truth and the consensus are not synonymous.

The point is, don’t agree with something merely because the majority thinks it’s right. Think deeply about the issue, do some research, and decide for yourself. If the crowd is right, follow it. If it’s wrong, don’t.

The reason the crowd can sometimes be wrong (and not realize it) is because most people don’t think deeply or do much research. Most people either blindly follow or they allow their skepticism to be defeated too easily.

By all means, allow your skepticism to be defeated, but only after careful reflection and serious inquiry.