Why You Should Take The Long View

It’s tempting to try to start big. To try to become an overnight success. But such thinking causes us to risk too much. And it tends to set us back further than we would be if we had just stared out the window instead. At least staring out the window sometimes leads to insight.

When we hear about someone else’s success, it seems like it happened overnight. But we weren’t there with them in the trenches. We don’t know how much it actually took for them to get where they are. We don’t know what they learned along the way or what sacrifices they made.

By trying to become an overnight success, you greatly increase your chances of becoming a long-term failure. You’re probably not going to be an overnight success, but you can be a twenty-year success. Realistically, that’s what it’s going to take.

Start small and stick with it. That is the way. Plant the seeds for the life you want. Keep watering them, and over time they will grow. We can have many of things we want if we’re willing to do this. A little at a time, adds up to a scary amount over the long run.

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