Making The World A Better Place

Find the crossroads between what you’re best at and what will be most rewarding, not only to you, but to other people.

We should be doing things that will make the world a better place and avoiding things that don’t. We usually think about what’s best for ourselves but fail to look at the impact we may be having on other people. We often don’t realize that serving the needs of the world, rather than merely our own, is usually what’s best for us.

Much of the good you do for others will come back to you. And that’s far more satisfying than always trying to take what you think is yours. Not everyone will appreciate you. Not everyone will reciprocate your generosity (and some aren’t able to), but some will.

It creates a virtuous cycle, where the good you do for others, gets paid forward to even more people. If enough of us are doing this, we can leave the next generation better off than our own.