Destructive Leverage

In the business world, the term leverage is used to describe strategic use of debt. A company or an investor can borrow money and use it to help increase profits. The more leverage you use, the more money you can potentially make. At least in the short-term. Because the downside to using financial leverage is that the more you use, the more you jeopardize your ability to make money in the long-run. It increases your risk of going broke.

This is the same thing that happens when we compromise our integrity. When we decide to do things we consider unethical, as a way of leveraging opportunities. When you lie to save your butt. When you bend the rules to win. When you follow unlawful orders. When you follow lawful orders that violate a more sacred law (the one within you). When you use people as objects for your own gain or pleasure. When you sell things you’re not proud of. When you bully. When you gossip. When you play office politics.

These are ways we try to use leverage to get what we want. It can work. Especially in the short-run. But what about the long-run? What are the chances that using this kind of leverage will ruin you, and the people you take advantage of along the way?

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