The Stories We Tell and Why

The type of storytelling we need, is the type that educates and uplifts people. Not the type designed merely to sell a product. The product may be good and beneficial, but those who sell it are biased. They think it’s better than it actually is. So their story will be misrepresentative.

And whether the product is beneficial or not, the seller will be blinded by potential profits. It’s not nearly as much fun drinking a Coke as the commercials make it seem.

We also fool ourselves with the stories we tell ourselves. When I was in my late teens, I wanted to own a Jeep. I imagined myself cruising around with the roof and doors off. I couldn’t imagine a cooler or more fun vehicle to own (with the exception of maybe a Corvette Stingray). An older friend of mine at the time, who had once owned a Jeep, told me “it’s more fun watching someone else drive a Jeep than it is to drive one yourself.” I later found out he was right.

Stories sell. But are we selling the right things for the right reasons? And are we telling ourselves the right stories? Are we educating and uplifting each other and ourselves, or are we creating unrealistic and idealistic fantasies?