Christianity Apart From Religion

Religion has taught us to be afraid of God. Even Christianity taught us this. Even though Christianity was supposed to be the opposite of religion. It’s impossible to read about Jesus in the New Testament and conclude that he wasn’t a heretic by religious standards.

Jesus was a maverick, who taught people to look within themselves for the Kingdom of God. But it wasn’t long before his message was distorted and turned into religious dogma.

Religion can sometimes pose a great danger to humanity. It has been at the root of many wars and persecutions. But Jesus’ message seems to be totally at odds with this. There is something very valuable in his words and the stories about him, not only for Christians, but for all of us.

If we can look past the biblical inaccuracies and dogmatic doctrines that have been derived from the bible, we can see a more pure message. One which resonates with our deepest being.

Many of the words and actions attributed to Jesus resonate deeply with many people. It’s a message of inner peace, love for one another, and trust in a loving God.