Christianity And The True Church

Christianity is an off-shoot of the Jewish religion. Jesus himself was a Jewish person and grew up in the Jewish religion. But his teachings were radically different from the religious establishment’s. He told the religious leaders and his fellow Jews that God wasn’t as they had believed.

What exists now in Christianity is a caricature of what Jesus taught. And it was that way right from the start, as many of the epistles indicate. Even Jesus’ closest followers had difficulty understanding his message. So we shouldn’t be surprised that, today, Christianity is extremely divided.

There is no true church, in terms of a particular denomination or institution. The true church is spiritual, not ecclesiastical. The true church is anyone who knows God’s love. And it’s not an exclusive club. Everyone is in, but not everyone knows they’re in.

At the end of the day, we don’t need doctrine. We just need to go within and find God there. God is the love and the peace you have in your heart. That presence often gets drowned out by our inner dialogue and the many distractions of the world. But it’s there, in all of us.