Higher Calling

Don’t try to make a name for yourself. Try to make an impact. Teach people what you’ve learned. Help people the way you’ve been helped. Most importantly, help people find the peace they’re looking for. There’s no higher calling than that.

Help people see deeper into the nature of reality. To look beyond appearances. To look beyond worldly success. To look beyond fear and greed. To see all as one. To realize that they’re not the ego-person they’ve created and projected into the world.

I don’t write to the masses. Because I know the masses aren’t interested in my views (though I believe that many of the things I write about are universal on a subconscious level). I write to a minority of souls, spread out across the world, who value inner peace and wisdom through surrender to a mysterious but gracious God.

And I get my best work done in silence. That’s where true insight comes from. Part of my calling is to bring a message of silence to the world. I can’t do that if I’m always around others. I have to spend time in my own silence in order to help other people find their silence.