Limited Control

The thought of not being in control is scary. Because if we’re not in control, who or what is? And what does that mean for us if we’re not the ones in control?

We desire to be important, and to escape the uncertainty of death for as long as possible. That’s what is behind our control-seeking. The feeling of being in control is a mask for our insecurities. The fear is still there, underneath.

We have a desire to feel strong. And we are strong in our own unique way. But we sometimes take it too far, where we have an exaggerated view of our strengths.

Whatever control we actually have is temporary and can be overridden at any time. The forces of nature themselves will prove to be more powerful than we are. And other people will at times impose their will on us.

Whatever measure of control you do have should be treated with great humility. It’s been granted to you for now.