Closer To Perfection

You have to accept a certain amount of imperfection. It will always be with you. Within yourself, in your relationships, in the work you do, etc. Instead of striving for perfection, we should follow our heart, and keep learning.

When you’re focused on perfection you’re focused on everything that’s wrong. The more you focus on what’s wrong the more you’ll find it. You’ll be able to improve some things as a result, but ultimately you will remain frustrated. Because you won’t be able to correct everything to the level you want it to be.

You’ll even start finding imperfection in your ability to discern what changes need to be made. And sometimes you’ll make the wrong decisions in your attempt to achieve perfection and make things worse.

But when we make the decision to follow our heart (spirit) and continue learning, we avoid this trap. It won’t get us to perfection, but it will get us closer to it, and we’ll enjoy the journey a lot more.

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