Humble About Religious Beliefs

If you dedicate yourself to a particular religious belief without hearing the others, what are the chances you have the right one?

That’s exactly what happens to most religious people. They believe wholeheartedly in whatever religion they were originally influenced by and reject the others without exploring them. How can everyone who does that all be right at the same time?

It gets even more complicated when you consider that each religion has various sects and denominations, based on differences in doctrine. We’re talking about tens of thousands of different doctrines. What are the chance that the doctrine you hold to is entirely correct and that all others are completely wrong?

What are the chances that even most of your religious beliefs are correct and most of other people’s are wrong? Better, but still not good.

And what happens when those people–the people who are supposedly wrong, are just as confident as you are? You better have at least explored all the options before you become so ridged.

Either way, you should be humble.

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