Why You Do The Work You Do

If you start from the mindset of, what can I do to make money? Instead of, in what way should I be helping people? You’re going to be disingenuous. You’re going to deliberately deceive people and justify it to yourself as necessary.

You’re going to cut corners, charge more than you should, hype something that’s not that good, manipulate people’s emotions, etc.

You’ll likely know it’s wrong, but you’ll do it anyway. You won’t be doing it to truly serve others, you’ll be doing it out of fear. Fear that you won’t have enough money, won’t reach enough people, won’t get enough attention, etc.

If you do it the generous way instead, you’ll reach the people you’re meant to reach and make the money you deserve to make. Both of which might be less than you think they should be, but it’s not all about what you want anyway. If it were, we’d all be in trouble.

(by you, I mean me)