Biases And Intuition

It’s true that we have many biases that impair our decision-making ability. But it’s also true that we’re capable of being deeply intuitive.

Knowing that we’re prone to error because of our biases can help us make better decisions. Not only because we’ll be more likely to think things through, but because having that awareness about ourselves can cause us to be more humble. That humility makes it easier for us to recognize true moments of intuition.

Intuition can sometimes come from experience, but it also comes from the spirit. We’re connected in a way we don’t really understand. We’re more likely to intuit things by being deeply contemplative. In other words, meditation/mindfulness can produce unexplained insights.

But you have to be careful not to delude yourself. Let go of what you desire, so that what you truly need will be revealed to you. Lose yourself so you can find yourself.