Bad Habits

There are certain things we know we shouldn’t do, even while we’re doing them. We know it’s a bad idea, but we do it anyway. It’s because the pleasure we’re getting from that activity in that moment clouds our memory of past regrets. We know we’re likely going to regret it afterward, but we’re out of touch with the actual feeling of regret. We’re overwhelmed by immediate gratification.

This applies to many things ie; certain eating habits, sexual habits, revenge, angry outbursts, criminal actively, gambling, excessive shopping, etc.

Bad habits can be overcome, but it’s not easy. There’s an impulsiveness to bad habits, where we don’t really think it through beforehand. We’re often too distracted. We’re distracted by outer influences, and we’re distracted by the chatter in our mind.

Breaking bad habits starts with a new habit. The habit of being mindful.