There Is A “Ghost In The Machine”

Contrary to the materialist point of view, the human body is not a machine. The human body has some similarities to machines, but it’s also quite different from machines.

The human body is far more complex than machines and functions in ways that machines can’t. Machines don’t feel emotion or intuit the emotions of others. Machines don’t dream. Machines don’t become depressed or contemplate suicide. Machines aren’t influenced by placebos. Machines don’t benefit from mediation or pray. Etc.

In the future there will exist AI machines capable of replicating many of the things mentioned above, but they’ll be mere replications, not conscious experiences.

Human beings are far too complex to be thought of as mere machines. Our understanding of consciousness, which is even more complex than the body, hasn’t even begun. How can a conscious being detach itself from the reality it is part of and observe that reality independently and objectively? Our perception is influenced by the very thing we’re part of.

This is to say nothing of the fact that we don’t even understand matter itself. Who can understand why things happen the way they do at the quantum level or what’s beyond that realm? We haven’t reached the end of knowledge, but there are certain things we’ll never be able to understand.