The Truth About Opposites Attract

All differences between people boil-down to each person’s fundamental belief in what reality is and how we should live within that view of reality. The more your beliefs overlap with another person’s beliefs the more harmony there is between you. The more opposed your beliefs are the more conflict there is.

Differences in belief, whether religious, political or otherwise are what cause conflict. That’s why the idea of “opposites attract” is inaccurate. It may be true at the atomic level (electrodynamics), but not so in human relationships (for the most part). It’s true that males and females tend to be more attracted to one another than people of the same sex, but it’s also true that males and females are more alike than different (same is true for race).

There are certain qualities we lack that we’re attracted to in other people, but we’re mostly looking for people who think the way we do and like the things we like. Which makes sense, because it’s difficult to have a close relationship with people who see things vastly different from us.

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