The Insecurity Of Wanting To Be Number One

Wanting to be better isn’t an ego thing. Wanting to be better than everyone else is. Wanting to be the absolute best is about wanting to be dominant over other people. It’s not about self-improvement—it’s about insecurity.

We admire winners. We admire the people who make it to the top. The dominant ones. But the Michael Jordans of the world, as great as they are, aren’t who we should admire the most. We need to get beyond that mentality. The obsession with being number one creates great athletes who are fun to watch, but it also creates Trumps.

The guy or girl who was the great teammate, regardless of ambition or personal accolades—that’s the person we should look up to the most. Even better are the unsung heroes who save lives, not for glory or wealth, but because they believe it’s the right thing to do.