Telling The Truth Even When It’s Hard

There once was a father and daughter stranded at sea on a small boat. Their food and water had run out and the summer heat was dehydrating them. The little girl wanted to drink the sea water, but the father stopped her, because he knew the salt in the water would dehydrate her even more. The father also knew that if someone didn’t find them soon, they weren’t going to survive.

Several hours passed and night was approaching. The daughter became more and more desperate, attempting several times to scoop water from the side of the boat. The girl finally broke down and cried. Looking for a sign of hope, but also doubting that she would find one, she asked “Daddy, are we going to die?” The father, torn between telling a lie and telling her what he thought was true, said “I’ll do everything I can to help us get home, but the rest is in God’s hands.”