How To Deal With Negative Thoughts

Our thoughts are a part of who we are, but not all of our thoughts are the best expression of who we are. This is why it’s so difficult to resist negative thoughts. By trying to fight against negative thoughts we are, in a way, fighting against a part of ourselves. And that part of us that we are trying to deny, refuses to accept that it doesn’t exist.

It’s best not to deny that these types of thoughts are part of us. It’s better not to indulge them, the same way that you might avoid an argument with another person, by simply not engaging in the argument in the first place.

Although our thoughts are part of who we are, they are not exclusively mine or yours. They belong to all of us, because whatever you’ve been tempted to do, many others have also. We are all part of something bigger than just ourselves.

Some people believe that if we don’t aggressively resist negative thoughts, we are liable to act on them. But this is not necessarily true. The way to “resist” negative thoughts is by using a bit of mental/spiritual Jiu-Jitsu. Just let the thoughts come and go on their own. It’s possible to accept negative thoughts without accepting them.

It’s okay to accept negative thoughts as a strange part of who we, but we don’t have to accept that it’s the best way to express ourselves.