The Value of Living In The Moment

We don’t always have what we want, but we usually have what we need. Things usually don’t turn out the way we imagine they will, but they usually turn out the way they should.

Take it one day at a time, deal with what’s in front of you right now instead of focusing on what hasn’t (and likely won’t) happened. Right now is the only thing happening and this may be where it ends. If you make the most of the present you will also make the most of your future.

It’s good to have goals and a vision for the future, but don’t let it cloud the moment. Anything worth accomplishing in the future is no more valuable than what you can experience in this present moment.

Death may come before our goals and dreams are accomplished, so don’t forget that life is right now and may only be right now. What is worth doing or experiencing right now? What is worth the very little time you have left?