Will Love Win?

Chances are you were raised or have been exposed to a culture that believes a portion of humanity will spend eternity in a place of torment (some version of ever-lasting hell).

I grew up with that fear.

Though it’s possible that there is some sort of painful after-death period or experience, it seems foolish to think that a loving God would create any soul knowing that he or she will spend all of eternity in a place of torment.

Our fear of inadequacy, our fear of rejection and loneliness, our fear of the judgement of God, all come from a place of misunderstanding. We’ve misunderstood and underestimated the depths of God’s heart.

In A Christmas Carol, Dickens has Scrooge face the pain he inflicted on others. I think maybe something similar happens to us when we die. Particularly for those who die “hard-hearted.” What happens to Scrooge? He is confronted with the pain of his actions and is moved with compassion.

Is the love of God not powerful enough to ultimately melt the hardest of hearts? Will there be anyone strong enough to resist?

I never read Rob Bell’s book, but I think the title is correct Love Wins. I think we all give in to love eventually.

There’s nothing my daughter could ever do that would cause me to send her to a place of eternal torment. How much less willing is God?