My Imaginary Friend Who Is Not So Imaginary

Some people are probably uncomfortable with saying that they have a “relationship with God,” I know I am. It kind of sounds like you’re saying you have an imaginary friend. And in a way you do, because you cannot produce this person or entity you call God anymore than a child can introduce her imaginary friend to her real friends.

A relationship with God is different though. I don’t imagine myself sitting in front of God having a dialogue or pretend that God is hanging out with me. It’s more of a trust, a letting go of myself and trusting that things will workout for the best.

There’s no old man with a white beard or anything like that. It’s entirely a mystical experience. It cannot really be explained and it definitely can’t be described, because there’s nothing really to describe other than a feeling.

And in general, that feeling is inner peace. My inner peace is God and God is my inner peace. God is also the love that I have for others and the love I receive from them.

How about you?