What Are You Really Missing Out On?

Not watching the news, not checking your email several times per day, not going to that party. These are hard things to not do. We wonder what we’re missing out on.

But what are we missing out on by avoiding silence? What are we missing out on by being constantly distracted? Is the news making your life better? Is checking your email 20 times a day better than checking it once or twice? Is having shallow conversations better than getting to know yourself in a deeper way?

Most of the time the answer is no.

We’re afraid of silence and solitude, because we’re afraid of the truth. We know if we go there we’ll find the truth. We also think that time will be boring and lonely. It’s so much easier to let ourselves be distracted and let others do our thinking for us.

It’s definitely a discipline. It requires some focus. But it’s worth it.