Why We Get Bored

We get bored because we don’t look at things deeply enough. A bored person sees the familiar as mundane and doesn’t see the beauty in it. We don’t contemplate how amazing the simplest things are. We should be able to sit in a room alone all day without getting bored.

When we don’t see things deeply we ignore their significance. We start imagining things as they “should” be. We imagine how much better things would be if only reality conformed to our will.

The fact that we’re even here is a miracle. The fact that anything is here is a miracle. We overlook almost all miracles and take them for granted. Most of us are not awake most of the time. Most of us are sleepwalking through life. Just trying to get through one day so we can get through the next day, and so on.

We have to go deeper. Deeper within ourselves, and connect with God. This is where real life starts. This is where we’ll find contentment.