What Is Your True Purpose In The World?

Part of our purpose is to be messengers to one another (in words and in actions). Now is the time to put your message out to the world. Now is the time to make your mark. Search your soul and share your message.

Own your story. It’s yours. Don’t pretend to be something you’re not. Don’t make your story fit what you think others want to hear. Worrying about what people think of you will prevent you from being your true self and pursuing your true calling.

You are unique and your story is unique. It’s also more likely to resonate with others when it’s genuine. Being real leads to trust, because everyone already knows you’re flawed. They need to know that you know it too.

We normally act out of fear, greed, and ignorance. We act as though life is about getting. Getting for the sake of survival and self-aggrandizement. We need to regularly distance ourselves from those influences and embrace times of silence and solitude so we can hear our true voice. This is when we come to understand our true purpose in the world.