Why You Need To Focus

We have a tendency to allow ourselves to get pulled in different directions. To get involved in too many activities and causes. But we’re more effective when we focus. Especially when we focus on our strengths. And use whatever unique leverage or resources we have available to us.

It’s easy to get caught up in the details and forget about the big picture. Focus on the big picture and many of the detail won’t matter. This doesn’t mean putting our head in the sand and neglecting the details that do matter. It means focusing on what’s most important.

Figure out what gives you the best return on your time. Don’t divide your time up into too many different activities, unless that’s how you want to spend it. But if you’re trying to accomplish something specific, you need to focus.

You don’t need to be great at everything. Just be great at your thing. Let others be great at what they do. And don’t do something merely to be great. Do it because you enjoy it, and because it’s important to you. Let the greatness take care of itself.