Healthy Fitness

It’s crazy to sacrifice your health to merely look good. People tend to equate looking good with being healthy. But that is false. A shredded 50-year old bodybuilder could be on the verge of suffering from a heart attack, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at him. You also wouldn’t be able to see the joint damage.

The more time you spend working out, the more of a slave you’ll likely be to your body. It’s not really your body you’ll be a slave to though. It’s your ego. Your body will be the thing your ego acts upon.

The more focus you put on the body, the more you’ll be feeding your ego. The ego is all about overcompensating for insecurities. For some of us, our insecurities manifest themselves in the way we obsess over our body image and physical abilities.

What if you could never look at yourself in the mirror again, how would that change the way you workout? What if no one was ever going to see you again, how would that change the way you workout? Not only would you feel better about yourself, you would be less likely to injure yourself.

Healthy fitness requires removing your ego from the equation. Don’t be a slave to your ego, just be healthy.