The Voice Of The Ego

The voice in our head is the voice of the ego. The self we think we are, which is different from the true self.

The ego is a version of ourselves that is concerned with individual identity and survival. It’s not inherently a bad thing. The problem is that it gets out of control.

It’s okay that we identify as individuals, but when that individuality runs amuck we lose sight of our connectedness. We lose sight of the fact that what we do to others is done to other versions of ourselves. That this life is temporal. That survival is not the chief aim of life. That personal wealth and reputational success aren’t either.

It’s our lack of awareness of our connectedness that causes us to go from expressing ourselves as unique individuals to separate entities who must self-preserve at virtually all costs. That’s the voice speaking to us much of the time. That’s the “false self”.

It’s false, because it’s who we are when we’re disconnected from our true self. The true self is the part of us that knows that not only are we all connected, but that this life isn’t the whole story.