If you want to be a leader you’re going to be judged and rejected by many people. But you’ll also leave your mark on many others who will be glad you had the courage to put yourself out there.

If you want to leave a mark you’ll have to stand for something. And you’ll have to be a contrarian to some extent. You’ll have to be different from what others are used to.

Sometimes you will turn people off. That will happen even if you tell the truth. But chances are if you speak your truth in a thoughtful way you’ll earn the respect of many people.

You may be right, but you might not be great at articulating it. And your message and delivery method isn’t for everyone. Even those closest to you might not understand it.

There will be people who won’t understand what you meant. And there will be people who understand, but reject it anyway, because what you said hit too close to their insecurities.

You can’t lead if you’re afraid to be yourself. The world doesn’t need you to be a leader if you’re not going to say what needs to be said. Especially if you’re saying what others are afraid to say. Be their voice.