Two Types Of Learning

It’s important to learn through experimentation and research (objective learning). But it’s equally important to go within ourselves (subjective learning).

What will happen is you’ll have moments of revelation. And many of them will get confirmed when you learn from outside sources. You’ll be amazed at what you already knew, intuitively.

We need to go within and see what inherent wisdom is already there, and supplement that type of learning through objective learning. Subjective and objective learning need to work together.

There’s no objective learning without subjectivity anyway, because objective reality has to be interpreted subjectively. Objective reality is beyond the material world, because there is no material world, only the experience of one.

For example: In quantum mechanics, sub-atomic particles behave like matter when observed, and like waves when not observed. So which is the objective reality? Are sub-atomic particles matter, waves, or both?

Subjective and objective aren’t separate. To borrow a term from Thich Nhat Hanh, they “inter-are”. Everything is connected in a mysterious and seemingly paradoxical way.