Searching For An Ideal Future

We are problem-solvers. Funny thing is, we like to idealize a future in which this isn’t true. A future in which we can just lay on the beach or beside a pool without a care in the world.

We’re searching for heaven. We’re trying to find it or create it on earth. We’ll experience moments of it, but it’s not everlasting in this life.

Life is inherently problematic. Eliminate one problem and another one isn’t far behind. Sometimes the new problem was already there, we just didn’t notice it, because we were busy with a different one. And even after we think we’ve solved a problem, it sometimes surprises us by showing up again later.

Our circumstances can be improved. Our attitude and perception can be improved too. But none of us will ever have everything figured out or reach a state of permanent bliss in our lifetime. Acceptance is one of the important lessons of this life.