Parent’s Love

There once was a young girl who dreamed of getting married. She imagined how in love she would be with the man of her dreams and how perfect his love would be for her.

When she grew up, she met a good man and fell in love. She loved him and he loved her. But it was no fairy tale. Like all marriages, there were problems. The marriage produced one child—a girl. Though the marriage later ended in divorce, the couple never regretted the birth of their daughter.

When the woman told her parents that she was getting divorced, she expressed her disappointment about her husband. She felt that he never loved her the way he should have. Her father, knowing how badly his daughter had wanted to meet her Prince Charming, told her “you had always dreamed of being loved by a stranger, but nobody has or ever will love you as much as your mother and I do.”

The woman went home and looked at her daughter while she was sleeping and whispered, “no matter how much you might dream of finding love out in the world, nobody will ever love you as much as I do.”