Finding The Right Mentors

Learn from people better than you. People smarter than you, more mature, and better leaders.

Learn from other people, but be careful. Don’t assume that because someone is right about one thing that they must be right about everything else too. Be very specific about what that person’s expertise actually is. Be aware of their blind spots.

Everyone needs mentors, but we don’t necessarily need to meet our mentors. Our mentors don’t even need to know they’re our mentors. You can learn a lot by internalizing the lessons they’ve made public, through interviews, books, lectures, etc.

It’s easier now than it’s ever been to find mentors. The challenge is in finding the right ones. Your mentors will say some things that aren’t true. All the more reason to learn from more than one source. So much of what people say isn’t fact, it’s opinion. This includes things said with great confidence.