A Few Thoughts On Creating A Better Society

-The aim of public policy should be to increase prosperity, ensure basic rights and freedoms, and reduce suffering for all. We have to come together as a global community under a basic agreement to uphold these ideals. Every policy should rationally explain how it lives up to these standards.

-Politicians flip-flop on policy positions not only as a strategy for getting votes from certain groups, but because they don’t actually know what all the policies should be. They’re learning as they go. The world is complicated. Society is complicated. Nobody has all the answers. We should spend less time complaining about lack of leadership and more time providing it. Which doesn’t necessarily have to be in the political arena.

-There’s plenty of fair play in society, but there’s also still far too much lying, cheating and stealing. We aren’t yet as noble as we’re capable of being. One of our biggest problems is the inability to lose our sense of self. We hold too tightly to our individual and group identities. Not that people should give up autonomy and be slaves to a state, but that we should be more willing to put our egos aside.

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